I'm commited to working in this blog. In sharing the adventures I have as I venture into art, craft, life and healing from the deep scars of severe depression. I'm happy you're here looking and sharing in what is my small world.

Monday, January 30, 2012

“We’re in a room without a door….”

~Ani DiFranco

Oh yes. I’m still alive! I’m sitting here looking at some sketches I did on old encyclopedia pages, waiting to be painted, and I realized I’ve really been missing BLOGGING!

Part of my trouble is inconsistency. I need to set a time, space and subject to write about for at least three times a week. I need to focus my rambling down into subjects that are insightful and meaningful and less wandering and…blah blah blah. You know what I mean right? I need to FOCUS my blog into view! Right now it’s as scattered as I am, and that may not be a good thing!


So what is the POV for this little venture to be? Well, I’d still like to keep it posted towards my endeavors into art and healing. I’d like to keep it unhidden, unashamed and uninhibited. But that’s a lot harder than it sounds. By nature, I’m inhibited, masked and frightful. Funny that…call it shyness. Call it insecurity. Probably both and more.

So that, my friends, is where I’m at. Stuck searching for inspiration on how to focus myself. Or do you like this format? Random explosions of my thoughts and ideas, dear diary style?