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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My bacteria has done the wild thing

That’s right, I have created bacterial harmony in the form of creamy yogurt!


This is much creamier and milder than Greek yogurt purchased in the store, not to mention a WHOLE lot cheaper. My purchases for this included a half gallon of organic whole milk $3.50 and a cup of organic plain greek yogurt, $1.60. I could have used plain old plain danon yogurt of the non-greek variety but I didn’t want to ruin the organicness of it all. Next time, can use MY OWN yogurt as the starter! I ended up with a big batch of at least 12 servings. YUM! I ate two bowls of it today with honey and organic granola (granola is next on my list of things to make myself!)

Here’s a random photo for you:


I love this sign and admire it’s rustic beauty everytime I drive by it. It belongs to the chinese buffet in town, where my son LOVES to eat. (I’ve never seen an 11 year old so into chinese food…). So on our last outing there, I decided to take it’s picture. The road is Electric Avenue. Which makes me want to sing everytime I drive on it:

Isn’t this just the most awesome song? EVER? Oh yes, I think it is.I should play this next time my bacteria are doing the wild thing….

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