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Thursday, November 17, 2011

In lieu of nothing of my own to post…


I’m glad to be back “Online”. More or less. Thanks to returning to working at home…I can be. Not to the extent that I’ve lived my life online before, but I can at least once again bring my "online” world back into the fold.

I’m glad to see somebody whose art I admire a lot is back to making instructional Youtube videos. I have to hand it to people who do this, because I know it has to take up a lot of time and effort to put out these ‘freebies’ for the rest of us. Those like me who are random explorers of the world of art, who’ve never taken any sort of class in a classroom. Who are shy about it. Those of us who struggle for inspiration to keep pursuing art journaling. Or art in general.

So, that being said. Check out Comfortable Shoe Studios and the amazing You tube videos put out there.  Other favorites are The Artistic Biker, Diana Trout, and Milliande. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be comfortable enough to put my own stuff out there?

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