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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard..."

~ Cold Play "The Scientist"

So, I have failed to report on my switch to "No poo" hair care. (What an unfortunate catch phrase! Seriously people, couldn't we come up with something better?)

So, today is day...er....10. Yeah, 10. I've been washing my hair every other day with the baking soda mix (1 tbsp to 1 cup of HOT water. Making sure the soda is dissolved nicely helps me.) and this has been going okay. But I did find that my super fine, THIN hair wants to be oily still. So I changed up my vinegar rinse from apple cider vinegar to plain old white vinegar (still 1 Tbsp per cup water.) Today is only the first day I've done this, so we'll see if it works.
I will admit that I did  break down and had to use shampoo once. But it wasn't my fault, really! I had to have a sleep study done, and part of that torture is they put an oily, crisco like GOOP all over your head to stick the probes to. Then, I was stuck with the hospital provided shampoo with which to attempt to remove it. I didn't try to bring my soda in with me, so I took a deep breath and lathered up. It really did my hair NO GOOD,  as all the next day my hair was fried feeling, frizzy and crunchy. A good vinegar rinse the next day seems to have solved that though.

So far, so good! I'll keep at it, because it really DOES work to get my hair clean, I just need to find the right balance of oil control and I'm good!

I also made a move towards a natural deodorant. Yes....HOME MADE pit control. I know, I know. You're probably cringing but I'm SHOCKED how well it is working so far! I used a recipe found here at Surviving the Stores and used tea tree oil for the essential oil (about 15 drops, we only had tea tree and rosemary on hand so I opted for tea tree...). I'll admit it, I'm a sweaty betty. I tend to work up a good lathering sweat at the merest hint of external heat. Now, this is NOT an anti-perspirant, but that's a good thing. You need to sweat. But it does a REALLY good job at keeping odors at bay. Really! I even gave it the work out test and it passed with flying colors. Now, if you don't believe me, you're welcome to come sniff my pits and see for yourself. But please...give me some advanced warning first?

So, I'm going more and more "Crunchy". (another unfortunate OL moniker. Who comes up with these things?) And so far, I'm liking it pretty well! Luckily for me, baking soda comes in a huge bag at Sam's club, now that I'm using it for Laundry soap, deodorant and hair care! Next...sink scour! Toothpaste! Toilet cleaner! (Just..not combined!)


  1. You seem to be on the way to oaty-crunchy heaven! I'm proud of you!