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Monday, May 14, 2012

"You're trying to find a compromise between remembering and learning to forget...."

~ So it goes Chris Pureka

I hope everybody had a good mother's day? Mine was most excellent. My son made me breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs and a microwave sausage patty. And coffee, which he fixed just right (minus a few teaspoons of sugar maybe?) It was really sweet! We celebrated mothers day/my birthday on Saturday. I got a HUGE fluffy body pillow and a desktop easel, which I'd really wanted. So that was great!

Mother's day and my birthday are always strange times for me. I feel often times like I'm a less than stellar mother/daughter/sister/friend, and it's hard to "celebrate". I always do so with overcast feelings of guilt and shame for things past. I survived the day, I'm glad they're both over.

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