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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday morning and and a KICK A$$ haul at Ollie’s!

So, I’m working from home now full time and that means I need better office furniture! Perhaps you saw earlier my set up at my kitchen table..half office/half art studio? Yeah….not working out like I hoped! I just need MORE SPACE! I need to have a safe, unadulterated place to play with art and a place to work where I have room to take notes without knocking something over and creating havoc.

So my plans are to move my art supplies upstairs to the second room up there. To do that I need a table. Preferably large enough to support a sewing area as well because I own a sewing machine, a GOOD one! I just don’t have the space set up now to use it! I' also need a file cabinet and some comfortable seating. I’ve been surfing craigslist but so far, I’m not seeing what I need. I might have to break down and hit the stores. Furniture stores make me nervous though….or perhaps just the price tags do!

I stopped at Ollie’s on Friday Evening in the hopes they’d have a cheap version of what I want. They didn’t but they had some KILLER finds instead. For those of you who don’t know Ollie’s…they’re a buy out, bargain basement type store. Apparently they recently got a haul from some big box craft store because I found some fun buys! I got a paper pack of card stock from K and Company. You know? The stuff that’s $14.99 at Michaels? Yeah….$4 bucks! I got some drawing pads for $2 and some brads…which I don’t know how to use yet but never fear, I WILL! I got some sand paper for my Suzi class and some other odds and ends I needed for around the house, including a pie pan for quiche! (Quiche without the crust! I’m still low carbing it! 25 pounds down, 150 to go! go go GO me!)

But the really big finds? BOOKS!

I found: Socks a la carte 2 for $3.99! And The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery for $6! (WONDERFUL book, on initial flip through! SO many techniques and ideas! LOVE it!) I also found Collage Playground for $4! Another REALLY fun book with fun ideas! Then there were two books on making creatures from left over socks and some paperback novels I’d been wanting….ah. Heaven!

So, it’s Sunday morning and I’ve had time to rest and restock my refrigerator. I’m snuggled on the couch with a cup of coffee (Atkins friendly with Da Vinci chocolate syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon! mmmmmmm) I’m watching Anne Burrell on the Food Network and just relaxing. (I love Anne….I LOVE it when she says “Brown food tastes GOOOOOOD!” I can’t make anything she’s cooking today, but she’s still fun to watch! I’d love to have coffee with her and just listen to her growl out random phrases.) The plans for the rest of the day are to drive down to Harrisburg with my folks and my son. We’re going to my BFF’s daughters concert! She’s FIRST CHAIR for the Hershey festival strings! I love this kid, she’s so talented and so bright and she’s a bright spot in the world! We’re going to have supper afterwards and maybe hit a few craft stores because I need to pick up the rest of my supply list for the Petite Dolls class. (Beeswax anyone?) It promises to be a fun day! I hope yours is as well!

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