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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Moleskine

I’ve been avidly following art journal blogs and youtube channels lately and everybody has kept telling me how wonderful the moleskine journal was. I hesitated and just kept listening quietly while I continued to work my Canson  XL Spiralbound Mix Mix Media notebook. Finally, I broke down and ordered you, a moleskine sketchbook from amazon.com. I have to say, Moleskine, that I’m a bit disappointed in my nearly $13 purchase. While your cover is a nice feeling, apparently waxed over leather like substance and the paper is a smooth sort of cardstock…I fail to appreciate the cost vs. benefit value of your product. I’ve posted previously in this journal about my first foray into book binding where I made a journal using used file folders from my office and I have to say…the file folders work JUST as well as your pages and cost me less than $3 for a new pack of fifty (enough to make about 6 of you…) The elastic strap you offer is nice but again..something I can replicate for pennies.

Why are people so enamored with you? Is it your famous presumed history? Your sewn binding? The not so secret pocket in the back? What is it about you that makes artists and writers everywhere swoon?

I don’t understand the mystique. I’ll use up the notebook I have and then return to my $6 spiral bound mixed media book. At least it doesn’t put on any airs.

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