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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am: A Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge

The funny thing is…I made this page yesterday BEFORE I found the challenge online. Still, I’m excited I can participate!


I am:

Awakening, vibrant, curved, my morning cup of coffee, my afternoon tea. I am covered in cat hair, loving my girls, more than morning breath. I am a good book, cold feet, liberal. I am no socks, literal, lazy in the mornings, loving working from home. I am EMOTIONAL. I am devoted. I am shy. I am eggs and bacon, confused, loving enchanted. I am warm slippers, earthy, jeans. I am a Goddess. I am poetic. I am stained knit tops, cinnamon and cocoa, fluffy. I am organic, orgasmic, long crazy nights. I am extra sugar in my tea, oatmeal with cream and butter. I am dreaming of a garden. I am a girl. I am alive and beautiful.


Who are you?

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