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Friday, June 24, 2011

From the profane to the mundane

I figured out what was wrong with me. Don’t laugh, blog readers….I had a bad case of PMS. Of course, how would I know that’s the case? I lack a uterus and I was NEVER ever regular. But I think now, that’s what it was. Wild mood swings and all. Wowee, I guess maybe I need to get back on the cohosh?

Well, here is some PMS inspired artwork:


Clearly…I was entitled to a few days of “FTW” ranting and raving!

And here’s something I made last night, with a bit of a clearer head:


I experimented with some wild colors on her face to see if I could make myself like it. I do! I really like how it came out, split right down the middle. I’m considering “Splitting headache” for the title, but I couldn’t bring myself to add any words or stamps to her. I like the purity of the background I think…contrasted with the white circles. I think I’ll leave her just as she is…..a bit of a clean thought after this weeks wild and overly emotional ride.

No, the ride’s not over. I’m a hormonal being still. I’m a woman. I have feelings. I have crap happening in my world. I still think I’m going to let it all hang out there, for the sake of healing and moving forward…..or at least…some of it.

Thanks for bearing with me!

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