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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wants and Needs

This was an art journal prompt from the Journal Fodder Junkies Blog. I thought maybe I’d address it in writing. Wants and needs. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the difference, isn’t it. For instance, I want some golden fluid paints. I don’t NEED them really, I have a nice stash of craft paints I can make work for my current amusements. I want some sock yarn, I don’t NEED it, as I have plenty of DK weight yarn on hand I should use instead. I want….I want to accomplish something that I struggle for, order in my home. I need it? I’m living currently without it but it haunts me. I need a new fridge. That’s pretty basic for needs, right? Cold food? I want a new TV. The one I have is getting old but it works…not a need at all. I want a TV in my room, again…not a need.

I think I get carried away between the two, not truly following what my real needs are and overdoing my wants. I need to scale back and take a simpler approach but it’s HARD. I have tendencies to…hoard. The more I try to correct it, the harder it becomes. Maybe one of my needs is…more therapy for that. I’m functioning but not at maximum capacity right now. Maybe I NEED to do that…

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