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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a beautiful day!

Okay, I forgot that when I'm not using Livewriter by windows to create a blog post, but writing it directly into blogger, I need to use the "compose" section and not the HTML section or it won't be formatted right! Sorry for the last couple of posts being one giant paragraph! My bad!

Today I spent the entire day out of the house with the fam. We took a LONG drive down to Lancaster in order to catch a movie on the Imax screen vs regular old 3D. Why? Uh...because, it's cool. And really, it WAS cool. I found myself flinching, a lot, thinking that I was going to be consumed by fire when objects came flying at my face. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it sure was entertaining. Sadly, it was a very expensive experience, at $29 for two tickets (a child and an adult). WOWEE, I could've bought like...four tubes of paint for that! (Okay..probably not. Paint is also expensive! WHY? Why must it all cost so much??)

It was a  good day. We ate at a diner for lunch, greek salad for me since I'm once again back on the low-carb diet. (It kills my conscious but my IBS belly, LOVES it. Go figure.) We shopped some in Harrisburg for shoes for the growing boy. I scored some discounted derwent pencils which made me happy....good day!

Tomorrow we start out on our container garden. We decided to do this because it was extremely painful for my mother to participate in gardening,with the garden being located down at the end of the yard.) My mother suffers from severe scoliosis and her back is literally crushing in on itself, which has often left her pretty nearly unable to move.) I hope what the container garden will let her enjoy it, since everything will be just a couple feet from the house. We're starting small this year, some tomatoes and maybe some cucumbers down in the garden proper. I want to do some flowers and an herb garden also. My dad doesn't think we can get more veggies than that in the four containers we bought, but I think we can! We still have to wait a bit until we can plant, since it's technically still to early...but I'm raring to go! I got out my book on container gardening to try to figure out how to talk dad into some peppers with our flowers.....or maybe some pole beans up the deck? This could be great fun or an epic fail! I'll keep you posted!

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