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Saturday, January 1, 2011

“All is quiet, on new years day…”

~ New Years Day by U2

New years day and here we are again. I’ve missed several days of blogging and I’d like to get back to it. I want to post something everyday. That is part of my 2011 resolution, to blog daily.

Some of my other resolutions:

1. Do something creative everyday, whether a small sketch or a bit of writing.

2. Read more. In 2010 I managed 49 books. This year I WILL get to 52! That’s been my goal for two  years now and I haven’t made it yet. This will be my year!

3. Stick to this diet. I won’t say my goal it so lose weight, but I want to stick to what I’ve already started and become HEALTHIER.

4. Be a better mother. That’s always a given but I want to focus on it this year even more so.

So what are your resolutions this year?

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