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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Journal


The binding, done with crochet cotton and used handles of an old and holey reusable grocery bag.


The end of innocence. The cover was a book I bought at the library book sale. I got the whole set for $5. I LOVED them for their cloth covered covers with those mod geometric shapes. The books were “This fabulous century.” How fabulous!


The start of  page in progress. The paper is file folders. I got them used from work. People were going to toss them out and I upcycled them. I love them! They take a LOT of abuse!


For instance….YES these girls are freaky looking. I’m learning to paint. So sue me! But the page has a heavy collaged background, lots of paint and it still held like  dream. HOORAY for free supplies!


This is one of my closer to finished pages. It’s not quite there yet though.


Dark place. Dark art. It helped me deal. This page is done in all it’s horrid glory.


Upcycled poetry. It’s not done yet but I love it so far.


More poetry. Why brown and grey? I don’t know. I do think this page is done though.

That’s it for now. More to come!

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