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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drink more water!!!

I'm having a hard time with this edict, layed down to me by more than one doctor recently. (Urologist, chiropractor, Primary doc....)I don't mind water, as a rule, but I have trouble with lots of it, and lots of it plain. It tends to give me heart burn after a glass or two. Odd? Maybe. Psychosomatic? Probably....

I'm doing my level best to come off of sodas after a nasty round of battling with a kidney stone. And the tannic acid in tea also takes that right off of my "good" list and puts it into the "bad" category. Turns out soda and tea are both very big causes of kidney stones, and I do not want to suffer through that EVER again if I can help it. My urologist said lemonade was fine, but my Primary doctor...being concerned about my abundance of belly....nixed that option unless it's sugar free. Splenda sweetened beverages are "okay" but I have concerns about them, aspartame is RIGHT out (migraines)and my wallet can't afford to much of the natural sweeteners (stevia and agave nector and xylitol).

So what's a thirsty girl to do? I think I found the solution in sparkling waters. I found them at my regular, tiny grocery store a "Seltzer" waters with flavoring. Lemon, lime, cranberry, orange and even pomegranate. They come in soda sized cans and have zero calories and no sweetners of any kind. The taste is....acquired. Get it cold enough and I kinda like it. I like it more with a shot of lemonade (not sugar free...Sorry Dr. Z.)

So, does anybody have any suggestions? My goal, according to my urologist, is to drink "obscene" amounts everyday. "Enough to have you getting up at night to use the bathroom and needing to go at least every hour through the day". This is for kidney stone prevention. I haven't reached that goal yet....


  1. I lived off these when I was avoiding caffeine and trying to lose weight. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Crystal-Light-On-The-Go-Hunger-Satisfaction-Natural-Strawberry-Banana-Drink-Mix-7-ct/12166624

  2. I like stevia, a bottle of it goes a long way, I often use less than an 1/8th of a teaspoon in a full cup of coffee. It took me almost a year to go through a bottle of the powdered white stevia. It was $12 but for a year's worth of sweetened beverages, it was worth it. also if you are near a Whole Foods the store brand is very good. (I also find it incredibly sweet, which is why i use so little of it.)