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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Food Snobbery

So my brother was going on and on last night about his amazing couponing. I’m really proud of him for doing this, taking the time to really think about the groceries they are buying and managing his budget. But that being said…..I don’t coupon. Nor will I. The reason being, most of what is offered up in coupons is newly released processed foods full of stuff that I NEED to try to stay away from.

I admit, I’m something of a food snob.

Most of the groceries I buy would be considered “High end”. Gourmet brands and organic meats and produce. The stuff that makes budgeting your purchases hard. But I’m a single mom with one kid and I think it’s also important to carefully monitor what goes into our bodies. Food is a POWERFUL medicine and we don’t treat it as such. Food is also being perverted in our nation and around the world. We’ve seperated ourselves from the source to such an extreme we have NO idea what we put into our bodies anymore.

I’ve talked before about struggling for a LONG time with depression. I’ll also be the first to say that it’s not over yet. But I firmly believe that the path to my mental recovery follows closely with what I eat. My psychologist has me on a laundry list of supplements to ensure that I get an appropriate amount of brain boosting amino acids and this made me realize even more how powerful food is. I’m an addict to fast food, like so many of us, and when I had my long commute to work I was especially susceptible to it. Now that I’m home I’m trying to turn that tide back along a better course. Organic foods and vegetables. Less eating out. Less processed foods by far.

It’s a process. Consider today’s lunch:


Cracker/chips with Hummus and a nectarine. Better than McDonald’s but could be better by FAR. So here’s to ongoing food snobbery for good health…let’s see where it goes!

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