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Monday, August 15, 2011

More Photo challenge catch up!

Photochallenge 001

Something new: My Lipton’s Tea mug , purchased at Good Will in State College for a whopping 29 cents. Holds the perfect amount of coffee and I love the colors!

Photochallenge 015

From a Distance: The Demolition Derby at the Huntingdon County fair. Definitely a perfect outing for an 11 year old boy! Mom enjoyed it too though….I was most impressed by a ‘78 volkswagon rabbit that lasted the entire time!

 Photochallenge 006

Close up: My grandfather. He’s 75 year old and I love him dearly. He was my first boss at my first job and always a good friend. I hated it when they moved away from us. I wish their visits lasted longer.

Photochallenge 011

Childhood memory: This isn’t MY childhood memory…but hopefully it will be one for Simon. Spending time with Grandpa (papa) and great-grandpa (Grandpa) at the fair. Being together. Being happy. Knowing he’s so well loved….

Photochallenge 039

Something I made: My hand bound “better than moleskine” journal. Is it better? Probably not. But I certainly enjoy it more! The covers were once the stiff cardboard back of a sketch pad, decorated with scrapbook papers. The pages are a mix of typing paper, sketch paper, acrylic paper and watercolor paper.

Photochallenge 036

Faceless self portrait: “There was a crooked woman and she had a crooked back…” my back problems start from the feet up. See that there? That’s some serious flat foot/fallen arches mess going on. Add to that scoliosis. I’m a curvy gal!

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