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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

“Remind me how I forgot to be brave….”

~Shipwreck by Chris Pureka

Ah, how I love Chris Pureka….her lyrics haunt me. Today in particular this song makes me thing about how I often cower in my own little world, hiding from the outer world at large. It’s easy to do. I work at home so my contact with coworkers is limited to email and phone calls. A lot of my ‘friendships’ are online. Even my longstanding, 8 year romance has been carried out online….I live far to much in a virtual world and not enough in the real world. I think I struggle with agoraphobia as part of my depression/anxiety, but no doctor has ever confirmed that. I can go out of my house right? I just..prefer not to. Ah well. I’m not really in a bad mood today, that song had just come on through itunes shuffle and made me pensive.

So here are my doodles from yesterday and today:


Favorite animal: I don’t know if an owl if my favorite but I am, of late, fascinated with them. I love that old 70’s/80’s style owls are making a comeback. They are fantastic predatory animals, full of symbolism and mystery and Magick….

I did this very simply, sticking to the “Doodle” idea in an effort not to overcomplicate things. It’s pen, pencil and crayola crayon. He’s rather dashing, isn’t he?


Favorite food: Is coffee a food group? It should be. Just saying. More crayon and pencil. Quick. Fun. Simple.

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  1. I luff ur doodles. The owl is fantastic. He has a definitely cuteness that's irresistible. I love the 70's owls! I embroidered one on a denim shirt...oh so far and long ago...