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Thursday, August 18, 2011

More photo challenge fun:


photochallenge 017


These bags were made by my mom’s friend at Sew a Fine Seam. She’s an AMAZING seamstress. These bags are better than any you’ll find in the store!

photochallenge 018

My shoes:

99 cent slippers from Walmart (I have a love hate relationship with that store…) They are to big but oh so comfortable. I wear them a lot aorund the house. And check out the AWESOME skirtage!

photochallenge 011

On the Shelf: I couldn’t decide so you’re getting three pics for this one. This is what should be a video cassette shelf…I had other ideas. Tolkien, Amber, De Lint….ah.

photochallenge 012

Candles, knick knacks and a vase of knitting needles. Not to mention some Whyte and Cornwall.

photochallenge 009

Arthur Arthur Arthur….

photochallenge 007

Okay..moving on. What I ate: a whole grain, 100cal english muffin…slathered in Nutella. Yum.

photochallenge 013

In my bag: my wallet, my pills, my keys, some Airborne defense for germs…usually also in here are my kindle, my LuLu(ipod touch), some yarn, some pencils and pens…lots of coins….some needles…

Thanks for viewing!

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