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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“Everyone knows I’m in over my head…”

~Over my head(Cable Car) by The Fray

So it’s early on in the life of this new blog and I’m already questioning my sanity in my commitment to post to it EVERYDAY. Part of me thinks it’s a cathartic move, to purge my thoughts to an unseen audience. Part of me thinks that the other part of me has been reading to many poems and bad novels. I mean really? Who wants to read my thoughts or look at my artistic ramblings? (not that I’ve posted any yet…I’m still getting my new camera figured out…) It’s a terribly intimate and vulnerable act, isn’t it? Blogging for the world to see what is going on in your world? Even if you keep it light and fresh, you’re still putting a piece of yourself out there, opening yourself up to criticisms and comments by complete strangers. What possess us to do this?

It’s the same drive that draws writers and artists to create, to share a bit of their spark with the world. It’s very vulnerable to be an artist in any form. I wonder if accountants feel the same when they had somebody their perfectly prepared tax return? Probably, if they’ve taken any sort of pride in what they do. Work is an act of creation in and of itself, and creation is a mystery of the Divine isn’t it?

Wow, that was a lot more philosophical than I meant to be, for a Tuesday morning!

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