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Sunday, December 26, 2010

“How deep is your love?”

~How deep is your love by the BeeGees

So, I trust everybody  had a good holiday season? I did! I fell head over heals in love! I mean…swooning and sighing and giddy giggling in love…..with my new Kindle! It was a gift from my ma and pa and I never knew I wanted one, until I had it in my hot little hands! Suddenly I was downloading books right and lift. FREE books at that from the Kindle Library on Amazon. (and yes…some pay books too…for good measure!) Suddenly I had 68 books loaded only my Kindle. At my finger tips. ready for me whenever I’m ready for them. Oh wow. No more lugging around a bag of books when I go to work (yes…I do that. You never know what sort of reading mood you’ll be in at lunch time!) No more book shelves crammed with books…

Wait! Whoa! Hold on there. No, I probably won’t go that far. Books are by far still my addiction. I love having them lined on my shelf, a testimony of my reading adventures and I’m loath to part with a good book I've already read. And nothing is prettier than a stack of random books on the coffee table.

But I do love this kindle. Maybe it’ll slowly change my penchant for hording reading materials? Maybe not. I’ll likely just develop a dragon horde of electronic reading materials instead…..

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